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Yeda of the Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science Signed 2 pioneering agreements on cooperation with Jianghua Group Partnering in tackling China environmental challenges

26 December 2013

Yixing,Jiangsu China, November 14, 2013 Amir Naiberg, the CEO of Weizmann Institute of Science’s commercialization arm,Yeda Research & Development, and Mr. Tang Shunliang, the Chairman of Jianghua Group today signed two technology licensing agreements,aiming at cooperating in development, commercialization and localization of two technologies targeting contaminated water treatment in China.Combining the Israeli leading technology and China’s large market of environmental protection, the two projects will be devoted to the development of possible solution to replace activated carbon in water treatment and catalyst for treating industrial contaminated water. The two cooperation projects with JH Group are the Yeda's first industrial commercialization cooperation projects in China.

Honoring the event with their presence and greetings where also Mr. Wang Zhongsu,Party secretary of Yixing, Mr. Zhou Feng, Party Secretary of Gaocheng Town, Mr. Zhao Yangwei and Ms. Guo Hong from International Cooperation Division of Jiangsu Science & Technology, Ms. Ni Jiaoyun from Wuxi S&T, Mr. Jiang Guoqiang from Yixing S&T, and other leaders from Jiangsu and Yixing.

Mr. Zhao Yangwei, Director of Jiangsu Science & Technology International Cooperation Division has given his warm blessing to the two parties. The Jiangsu Science and Technology and the consulting and investment company Sheng-BDO were the matchmakers in this project –introducing and supporting the engagement between the two parties.

The Weizmann Institute of Science is a globally well-known leading research institute, and one of the innovation and technology engines behind the Israeli advance technology driven economy. Yeda supplies the Israeli and the global industries with vast resources of innovations in various fields. Founded in 1959, is Israel's first Academic Technology Transfer (TT) company, and one of the first and most successful TT Company in the world. Promoting the development and commercialization of the Weizmann Institute researches based intellectual property, Yeda have so far registered more than 1,400 patent families, and solutions and products based on Yeda's licensed IP have generated 21 billion of US$ last year. Yeda have been active in exploring optional cooperation projects in China for the past couple of years, with the assistance and support of Sheng-BDO, the leading Israel –China Consulting and Investment Company, based in Shanghai, Wuxi, and Tel Aviv.

Yeda's partner Jianghua Group is a leading Chinese Cleantech company, active in the fields of water treatment, green energy, and other environment protection related technologies. The company is located in Yixing, the leading powerhouse of China's Environmental Protection industry. Jianghua Group is a high-tech enterprise with annual sales volume over 300 million RMB, holding more than 20 national patents and annual tax contribution of 15 million RMB. In recent years, the Jianghua Group adopted the concept of technology innovation, talent priority, and therefore continuously increases its research and development investment.


The two strong partners will cooperate towards realizing the seamless match of WIS’s leading technologies and the Chinese environmental protection industry, and will work together in order to contribute to tackling China environmental challenges, which are a point of concern for the Chinese government and public alike.


Prof. Brian Berkowitz and Dr. Ishai Dror, the WIS scientists, led the development work on the two new methods and will be arriving in China in the coming weeks to assist JH Group’s professional team in initiating the work on the projects. Jianghua Group and Yeda see the current cooperation agreements as the first step in the development of strategic long term cooperation.

The announcement was made at a signing ceremony in Yixing, with the attendance of Ambassador Yaffa Ben Ari, Consul General, Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai, who expressed its support to the important event and the significant milestone achieved in Israel –China technology cooperation.