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Open Source Governance

20 January 2016
The ITTN, in collaboration with Pearl Cohen, are pleased to invite you to a series of webinar sessions on recent technology and legal matters



January 20, 2016 I 15:00-16:00

Senior Partner Haim Ravia, Pearl Cohen

Senior Associate Dotan Hammer, Pearl Cohen


The use of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FOSS) abounds in virtually every

organization engaged in software development nowadays, from very early stage startups to technology-oriented fortune-500 companies.

Using FOSS enhances the ability to leverage technological, marketing and business

opportunities. But it also entails business, IP and other legal risks that warrant meticulous management and mitigation through Open Source Governance.

Our upcoming webinar will explore Open Source Governance, discussing the value of an organizational policy for compliant use of FOSS and how supplemental use of automated FOSS management and governance tools can help streamline Open Source Governance.