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Allyl-mercapto-captopril (CPSSA - Captosal) (Yeda)
code: 179
David Mirelman, Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry


179 - Allyl-mercapto-captopril (CPSSA - Captosal)

Description: Conjugation between allicin (the biologically active molecule in garlic) and captopril, a known antihypertensive drug. Was shown to offer therapeutic benefits for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome, as demonstrated by various animal models. These include improvement of glucose tolerance, preventing weight gain, lowering blood pressure, reducing cardiac hypertrophy and potent antioxidant activities.

Reference: Miron T, Rabinkov A, Peleg E, Rosenthal T, Mirelman D, Wilcheck M. 2004. Allylmercaptocaptopril: a new antihypertensive drug. Am. J. Hypertens. 1:71-73.



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