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Sylvie Luria
ITTN – Director

Dr. Luria received her PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science, did her Post Doctorate at Stanford Medical School, and served as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Dr. Luria has a unique combination of life science education, exhaustive research in cellular, molecular, genetic, immunology and virology fields coupled with extensive management and business experience in biomedical start-up companies.
Dr. Luria has expertise in fund-raising and fostering strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide and has demonstrated capabilities in developing biological products for the BioMedical companies.
Dr. Luria has comprehensive experience in biomedical technology assessment, due diligence, technical representation with strategic planning, management and development of biotechnology companies.
From 1999 to 2017, Dr. Luria has been involved in the establishment of more than 40 biomedical startup companies that raised over 260 Million USD in their seed stage.
From 2007 to Present – Dr. Luria serves as the Sheba Medical Center Technology Transfer Company Manager

• Raising Research Funds from Industrial resources to enhance Sheba's patent portfolio
• Commercialization of over 55% of the Sheba's IP portfolio - identification of potential partners, commercial and legal negotiation, preparing and executing licensing agreements with third parties.
• Managing Licensing Agreements and Inter Institutional Agreements.
• Board Member in Sheba's company spinoffs.

Tel: +972-3-5305998 Fax: +972-3-5305944 Cell: +972-052-6667277
Email: sylvie.luria@sheba.health.gov.il

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