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About Us: Overview
                 The ITTN
Representing the interest of its member organizations before the Knesset, government authorities, ministries, agencies, and committees
Advancing collaborative efforts between the technology transfer community in Israel and its counterparts around the world
Improving the accessibility of the public to new and innovative research findings and inventions performed at Israel’s leading universities and research institutes
The Israel Tech Transfer Organization (ITTN) serves as the umbrella organization for Israel’s technology transfer companies.
These companies are affiliated with the country’s world-renowned universities and 
 research institutions.
Currently, the 12 partnering organizations comprise the shareholders. ITTN intends to add more members from Israel’s  government-owned medical centers and
research institutions.

ITTN is a private non-profit organization. 

The Partnering Organizations

ITTN’s partners are affiliated with some of the world’s leading educational and research institutions.

ITTN would like to thank Mr. Yossi Bornstein for his creative initiative in establishing the organization.
ITTN - Israel Tech Transfer Organization