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Nano Israel 2012

14 March 2012

The INNI mission is to make nanotechnology the next wave of successful industry in Israel by creating an engine for global leadership.

A primary task for the INNI is to promote fruitful collaboration between Israeli and global nanotechnology stakeholders, particularly for projects that lead to continuing success in academia and industry.

To achieve this task, INNI activities include:

  • Establishing a national policy for resource allocation in nanotechnology, with the aim of optimizing resources for faster commercialization.
  • Formulating long-range nanotechnology programs for scientific research and technology development in academia and industry, and promote development of a world-class infrastructure in Israel to support them.
  • Leading in the creation of projects that promote agreed national priorities; allocate their budgets and review development progress.
  • Actively seeking funding resources from public and private sources in order to implement the selected projects.
  • Promoting development of innovative local nanotechnology industries which will strongly impact Israeli economic growth and benefit investors.