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ILSE 2014 - International event which includes professional exhibition & conferences, designed for the Life Science and Medial Industries

29 October 2014

LSIE 2014 will offer a platform of professional conferences and exhibition, which will showcase all the research and development stages, in the Israeli Life Sciences industry, which is world renowned for its innovation, ingenuity and creativity.

Conventions & Meetings within LSIE 2014:
• ITTN LSIE - The Annual Meeting of the Israel Tech Transfer Organization (ITTN)
• MDDMI - LSIE - The 5th Annual Conference for Medical Device Design & Manufacturing Industry
• ManageMed LSIE - Promoting Healthcare Value in Hospital
• CT LSIE - The Race for the Development of Drugs and Medical Devices – Innovations and Global Trends
• Net LSIE - Business Networking Event

We invite you to take part in LSIE 2014.

For further information regarding the exhibition, conferences & sponsorship opportunities, please contact 
Moshe Lilos:
Tel: +972-35626090 ext. 3
Mobile: +972-54-7642506