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Background As genetic knowledge rapidly expands, the number of genetic problems that can be detected at an early stage increases, and determination of which tests to perform becomes increasingly difficult. Primary care physicians that previously had been able to provide full and accurate ...
Scientific Contact: Mordechai Shohat
Background: Herpes zoster (shingles), which results from reactivation of latent varicella zoster virus (VZV) is a common disease, with 2 million new cases in the USA alone each year. It is frequently complicated by acute pain, diverse neurological sequelae and difficult-to-treat chronic pain known ...
Scientific Contact: Ron Goldstein
The retina is the nervous tissue in the eyes allowing the transformation of visual stimuli into nerve impulses which are transferred to the brain. The blood supply to the retina comprises of distinct vessels which are separated from the retinal extracellular space by the blood-retinal barrier ...
Scientific Contact: Alon Friedman
Classifying medical images for enhanced diagnoses Categories Data mining, Diagnostics, Imaging, Bioinformatics Development Stage Algorithm completed; in use for pathology and melanoma Patent Status US patent granted 6,631,204 Market Size U.S. medical imaging software ...
Scientific Contact: Yoav Smith
Summary Monoclonal antibodies to IgE Description: Rat monoclonal anti-IgE antibodies that was generated by fusion of plasmacytoma (84.1C) or myeloma (EM953) cells with splenocytes of rat immunized with purified murine IgE mAb. The antibodies react with various IgE mAb of different ...
Scientific Contact: Zelig Eshhar
Summary A novel diagnostic test to identify individuals with increased risk of lung cancer. Lung cancer is the number one killer among cancers, with 160,000 deaths/year in the USA and 1.6 million/year worldwide. Early detection of lung cancer increases 5-year survival rate from 4% to 54%. ...
Scientific Contact: Zvi Livneh
Near Field Camera (Technion)
Background The ability to resolve images with smaller than wavelength features (achieving super-resolution) benefits the fields of bio-medicine, microscopy, metrology inspection and process control in the micro and nano-lithography industry. Current ...
Additional material on the technology can be supplied upon ...
Scientific Contact: Asaf Hellman
A new paradigm: identifying host targets rather than tumor targets as cancer drugs, specifically in situations of tumor relapse, is shown to significantly improve clinical outcome of conventional cancer therapies. This platform strategy is also investigated for predictive and prognostic biomarkers ...
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