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Scientific Contact: Claude Brodski
Controlled drug delivery systems offer numerous advantages compared to conventional dosage forms including improved efficacy, reduced toxicity, and improved patient compliance and convenience. Controlled release systems aim to improve the effectiveness of drug therapy. This improvement can take ...
Scientific Contact: Smadar Cohen
A subchondral defect is usually characterized by a structural breakdown of the articular cartilage and the bone underneath due to trauma or disease, leading to chronic disabilities. Treating such defects is an important medical target since in the adult patient, damaged cartilage cannot ...
Scientific Contact: Smadar Cohen
Acute liver failure and chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, present a huge unmet medical need, with annual 1-2 million deaths worldwide. The liver is responsible for detoxification-removing and excreting body wastes and hormones, drugs and foreign substances, synthesis of plasma ...
Scientific Contact: Smadar Cohen
Inflammation often named “the secret killer” is a key factor in a large group of diseases affecting and killing millions of people every year. Examples of inflammatory diseases or diseases with key inflammatory components include Arthritis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, ALS, Peritonitis, Colitis, ...
Scientific Contact: Rachel Levy
Cell death can occur through two main mechanisms, apoptosis or necrosis. Apoptosis is a tightly regulated physiological process and many of the biochemical pathways involved are well characterized. Necrosis, the outcome of severe and acute injury, has been until lately generally viewed as an ...
Scientific Contact: Eli Lewis
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