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Background Glaucoma is a disease characterized by intra-ocular pressure sufficient to damage the optic nerve and cause permanent impairment of vision. Glaucoma is rarely cured, but its progression can be greatly delayed by reducing the intra-ocular pressure with medicines, laser procedure or ...
Scientific Contact: Orna Geyer
Background MM is a severe and incurable plasma cell malignancy and the second most common blood cancer. The median survival of untreated patients is approximately 10 months. Aggressive chemotherapy may prolong life to an average of 15-40 months. No cure has been found for MM. There is an unmet ...
Scientific Contact: Moshe Mittelman
BackgroundSchizophrenia is a chronic disorder that requires lifelong medication. While most of the available drugs are effective in remitting schizophrenia’s “positive symptoms” (hallucinations, delusions, agitation), even the best available drug is only partially effective in remitting ...
Scientific Contact: Hillik Levkovitz
Background GAGs (glycoaminoglycans) are the most abundant polysaccharides which play important roles in many body systems. GAGs are major constituents of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of cartilage, skin, blood vessels, synovial fluid, bone and others. Their deficiency is associated with a wide ...
Scientific Contact: Dror Robinson

*TTO - Technology Transfer Organization
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