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There is a continues need for a reliable tool for monitoring soil pollution and providing accurate information about the chemical composition properties within the vadose zone pore-water, as well as to monitor the resulting chemical properties of the flowing water and their contaminants. Currently ...
Scientific Contact: Ofer Dahan
Ridding of hazardous organic pollutants present a great challenge in waste streams and in the purification processing of surge water. Catalytic wet oxidation (CWO) with heterogeneous catalysts is the raising method for the treatment of dilute aqueous waste streams contaminated by a variety of ...
Scientific Contact: Mordechai Herskowitz
Summary The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa. Thermoelectric effects are used in various applications, where heat energy is saved, that would be otherwise lost. Although the TE conversion efficiency is nowadays low ...
Scientific Contact: Yoseph Imry
THE NEED and TECHNOLOGYField spectroscopy has become a growing field in recent years. What was historically the domain of aerial and spatial photography calibration, and geological enthusiasts, has been gaining much interest. Its applications span from soil studies and deposit excavations to ...
Scientific Contact: Eyal Ben-Dor
Scientific Contact: Sofia Belfer
Membranes are an important technological component in the development of sustainable technologies. Membrane processes are inherently less energy consuming, more highly efficient in the required separation process and are significantly less polluting unit operations then competitive processes such ...
Scientific Contact: Yoram Oren
The demand for hydrogen fuel cells is growing and consequently, the need for hydrogen is growing as well. We offer a natural gas autonomous membrane reformer for onsite and on-demand small-scale hydrogen production to facilitate hydrogen fuel-cell stack power generation. A working prototype of ...
Desert plants, i.e., plants that are adapted to grow under extreme desert conditions were studied with the aim of identifying new sources for energy crops. Such crops should not compete with conventional agriculture for valuable resources of fertile soil and fresh water. In order to obtain the ...
Scientific Contact: Amram Eshel
Summary Designer cellulosomes are synthetic multi-enzyme complexes that can degrade cellulosic biomass efficiently and economically. The goal of second generation biofuel production is to efficiently convert agricultural waste, algae and other cellulosic biomass into sugar monomers. ...
Scientific Contact: Edward A. Bayer
Scientific Contact: Gitis Vitaly
Summary Our novel technology provides an inexpensive, safe and clean solution for loading and unloading of hydrogen on demand with high potential hydrogen storage capacity. Hydrogen storage is currently the key hurdle to its utilization as an alternative green fuel. Being the smallest molecule, ...
Scientific Contact: David Milstein
The TechnologyA diffusion magnetic resonance (MR) method for non-invasively visualizing geochemistry and microstructures of porous sedimentary rock samples. The method provides quantification of pore sizes, pore size distribution and measure on pore eccentricities even for heterogeneous ...
Scientific Contact: Yoram Cohen
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