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The ProblemAt the current rate of global energy demands, new, alternative energy technologies must be developed to accommodate our needs. For more than a decade, it was strongly believed that hydrogen can help address the growing demand for energy and slow down global climate change. Hydrogen fuel ...
Scientific Contact: Lior Elbaz
The ProblemCurrent energy storage system batteries for stationary substation applications are extremely expensive.The SolutionThis innovation provides an anode catalyst having superior stability in a highly poisonous environment when operated in redox flow battery systems, while still exhibiting ...
Scientific Contact: David Zitoun
The ProblemCurrent methods does not allow for an industrially feasible production of 2D-layered bulk copper sulfide. Such material can be used as is or be exfoliated into monolayers to exhibit significant, advantageous commercial characteristics for specific technological applications.The ...
Scientific Contact: Daniel Nessim Gilbert
The ProblemMicrobial infections represent one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Users of antiseptics and disinfectants are individual consumers as well as various groups and industries such as research institutions, food handlers, textile manufacturers and healthcare providers. Antiseptics ...
Scientific Contact: Doron Aurbach
The ProblemIn polymer electrolyte fuel cells both the electro catalysts and the metal hardware are expensive. So far the anode electro catalysts failed to reach a cost-effective level. The SolutionThe invention relates to one-pot or one-step synthetic method for the preparation of multimetallic ...
Scientific Contact: David Zitoun

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