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Background Reading and writing are essential factors for basic functioning in a literate society. However, approximately 25% of learners in the literate world are identified as having some degree of learning disability. Reading impairments account for 70%-75% of these disabilities. New ...
Scientific Contact: Zvia Breznitz
Coptimizer (Carmel)
BackgroundCopper is a preventive fungicide permitted for use in organic agriculture and active only at application site (non-systemic); therefore new plant growth results in unprotected leaves. In areas where disease pressure is high, organic farmers usually apply weekly copper treatments with the ...
Scientific Contact: Tsvi Kuflik
AbstractAn Israeli research team has developed an empirical model (that do connection of water quality conditions with biodiversity of algae) to evaluate the ecological status of surface waters based on their algal community, useful to companies dealing with aquatic management. Partners are sought ...
Scientific Contact: Sofia Barinova
Background The ability to transfer genes into agronomically important crops offers the potential to improve traits such as yield, nutritional quality, and resistance to pathogens, pests, and ecological stresses. Plant transformation technology has been the subject of intense efforts over the past ...
Scientific Contact: Abraham Korol
BackgroundEthanol fuel is currently made mainly from very common crops such as sugar cane, potato, manioc and maize. However, it raises major concerns relate to increased food prices due to the large amount of arable land required for crops, as well as the energy and pollution balance of the whole ...
Scientific Contact: Sara Lev
Background The productivity of crops is greatly affected by salt stress. The progressive salinization of soil, estimated at around 20% of irrigated land, has made the genetic improvement of salt tolerance an urgent priority for the future of agriculture. Salt tolerant plants can facilitate use of ...
Scientific Contact: Eviatar Nevo
Background Worldwide, millions of people are chronically undernourished while the projected growth of human population will add almost three billions more by the year of 2050 as estimated by the United Nation. Environmental stresses have been recognized as the most important limiting factor in ...
Scientific Contact: Eviatar Nevo

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