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BackgroundHandwriting is a communication medium that enables the presentation of knowledge and serves as a critical tool in gaining insights about the writer's characteristics and situation.While handwriting difficulties are common among school-aged children (dysgraphia, learning disabilities, ...
Scientific Contact: Sara Rosenblum
Background Mycoplasmas are a group of bacteria characterized by unique features - they are the smallest replicating, free-living bacteria. Comprising a minimal genome and lacking a cell wall, properties making difficulties in research and diagnosis. Mycoplasmas are very common inhabitants of ...
Scientific Contact: Shulamith Horowitz
Enables detection from 15-17th week of pregnancy Categories Antibodies, Diagnostics Development Stage Proof of concept in human placentas Patent Status Patents filed US and Japan Israel, Europe and Canada Market Size 2004 musculoskeletal medical devices sales $22.4 ...
Scientific Contact: Eli Keshet
Background As genetic knowledge rapidly expands, the number of genetic problems that can be detected at an early stage increases, and determination of which tests to perform becomes increasingly difficult. Primary care physicians that previously had been able to provide full and accurate ...
Scientific Contact: Mordechai Shohat
Background: Herpes zoster (shingles), which results from reactivation of latent varicella zoster virus (VZV) is a common disease, with 2 million new cases in the USA alone each year. It is frequently complicated by acute pain, diverse neurological sequelae and difficult-to-treat chronic pain known ...
Scientific Contact: Ron Goldstein
Summary An MRI-based Non-invasive real-time depiction of Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) abnormalities that enables a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and drug development applications.The BBB is a capillary barrier that protects the brain from fluctuations in blood chemistry and passage of ...
Scientific Contact: Talila Volk
Summary A method to map cellular lineage trees for humans. The human body is made of about 100 trillion cells, all of which are descendants of a single cell, the fertilized egg. The quest to understand their path of descent, called a cell lineage tree, is shared by many branches of biology. ...
Scientific Contact: Ehud Y. Shapiro
The retina is the nervous tissue in the eyes allowing the transformation of visual stimuli into nerve impulses which are transferred to the brain. The blood supply to the retina comprises of distinct vessels which are separated from the retinal extracellular space by the blood-retinal barrier ...
Scientific Contact: Alon Friedman
Falls among older adults are a major healthcare problem with significant associated costs. During the past three decades, tremendous advances have been made in the understanding of the factors that contribute to loss of balance and falls, however, assessment tools for diagnosis of increased fall ...
Scientific Contact: Jeffrey Hausdorff
Classifying medical images for enhanced diagnoses Categories Data mining, Diagnostics, Imaging, Bioinformatics Development Stage Algorithm completed; in use for pathology and melanoma Patent Status US patent granted 6,631,204 Market Size U.S. medical imaging software ...
Scientific Contact: Yoav Smith
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