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The present technology aims to re-vascularize or open an occluded artery in acute stroke and other conditions involved vessels occlusion. The technology apply a micro-catheter, designed to deliver an electrode wired to the clot at the occluded site by applying a positive pulse to the clot and ...
Scientific Contact: Itzhak Orion
Scientific Contact: Claude Brodski
Controlled drug delivery systems offer numerous advantages compared to conventional dosage forms including improved efficacy, reduced toxicity, and improved patient compliance and convenience. Controlled release systems aim to improve the effectiveness of drug therapy. This improvement can take ...
Scientific Contact: Smadar Cohen
There is a continues need for a reliable tool for monitoring soil pollution and providing accurate information about the chemical composition properties within the vadose zone pore-water, as well as to monitor the resulting chemical properties of the flowing water and their contaminants. Currently ...
Scientific Contact: Ofer Dahan
A subchondral defect is usually characterized by a structural breakdown of the articular cartilage and the bone underneath due to trauma or disease, leading to chronic disabilities. Treating such defects is an important medical target since in the adult patient, damaged cartilage cannot ...
Scientific Contact: Smadar Cohen
Ridding of hazardous organic pollutants present a great challenge in waste streams and in the purification processing of surge water. Catalytic wet oxidation (CWO) with heterogeneous catalysts is the raising method for the treatment of dilute aqueous waste streams contaminated by a variety of ...
Scientific Contact: Mordechai Herskowitz
This novel invention presents a cost effective process for the fabrication of ceramics packed with metal. These cermets composites are based on Boron Carbides with infiltrated copper. The process addresses the design of B4C and Cu cermets with two interpenetrating and interconnected networks of B4C ...
Scientific Contact: Moshe Dariel
Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumonia) is part of the flora of the human respiratory tract, and can cause mucosal and invasive infections such as otitis media, pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis. The mucosal epithelial surfaces, with their tight junctions, constitute the first line of defense that ...
Scientific Contact: Yaffa Mizrachi
This invention discusses a micro-scale optical device that includes a tunable micro disk resonator possessing a high quality factor. The device comprises of a waveguide and a micro-disk, optically coupled to the waveguide. The high quality factor allows for a single photon to interact several times ...
Scientific Contact: Ron Folman
Scientific Contact: Sofia Belfer
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