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Coptimizer (Carmel)
Tsvi Kuflik, Haifa, Management Information Systems


Copper is a preventive fungicide permitted for use in organic agriculture and active only at application site (non-systemic); therefore new plant growth results in unprotected leaves. In areas where disease pressure is high, organic farmers usually apply weekly copper treatments with the risk of exceeding the fixed threshold.

New Invention

Comptimizer is a model-driven decision-support system designed to help growers to optimize of the use of copper-based pesticides in organic agriculture, where fixed amounts per year per hectare are set (for example, in Europe).


Growers, grower organizations, government agencies and pesticides/fertilizer producers


Regulations, costs, and environmental issues require the reduction and optimization of the use of pesticides against diseases in plants. Developing a Web-based decision-support system will provide an added-value service for growers by optimizing the use of pesticides according to existing regulations to maximize protection and reduce overall costs.


Tested in controlled experiments during 2008 and evaluated in simulation using historical data. Results show that by using Comptimizer growers are able to maintain the same level of protection as gained by traditional methods while applying only half the amount of pesticides.

Project available for licensing.

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