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Desalination waste management using alga technology (Carmel)


An Israeli research team has developed an empirical model (that do connection of water quality conditions with biodiversity of algae) to evaluate the ecological status of surface waters based on their algal community, useful to companies dealing with aquatic management. Partners are sought to establish license agreements.


Algal assemblages respond rapidly (within days) to changes in their environment. Changes in physical and chemical water quality characteristics (nutrient concentrations, salinity, temperature, and oxygenation) can thus result in rapidly changing algal species composition. Aquatic ecological assessment using indicator organisms has become widely recognized, especially in developing countries, in order to provide an objective means for judging the quality needed to maintain particular environmental values. A recent example is the Water Framework Directive of the European Union.

The developed model allows the evaluation of the ecological status of surface waters based on the algal community being used biological indicators. Based on environmental variables, the model can identify the species of algal community including their natural distribution, ecological range requirement, and biological activity.

The responses of indicator species and aquatic communities to environmental changes are an integral part of the concept of aquatic sustainability as a whole. This model can accompany environmental projects such as incorporating algal systems into conventional wastewater treatment which has the potential to improve the water quality of the effluent by reducing the nutrient and metal loads into freshwater ecosystems, etc.

Innovations and advantages

The current methods use the chemical variables only as a base for ecological conclusion. We include to this process the biodiversity of algae date, that help to conclude what is the self-purification possibility of the aquatic ecosystem.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

Aquatic ecosystem assessment; Algal Wastewater Treatment

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