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Laryngoport - Flexible laryngeal microsurgery tools (Mor)
Moshe Hain, Kaplan Medical Center, ENT

Name of Project: Laryngoport

Inventors: Moshe Hain M.D., Otolaryngology Department, Kaplan Medical Center
Yonatan Lahav M.D., Otolaryngology Department, Kaplan Medical Center

Medical Center: Kaplan Medical Center

Field of Invention: Flexible laryngeal microsurgery tools

Technology: New generation of articulating tools enables the development of a platform of flexible microtools for use in non-aggressive laryngeal microsurgery.

Market: The disposable ports have an annual market potential of $250 million and there are also reusable tools to be marketed in kits.


  • The flexibility of the laryngoport allows optimal surgical exposure.
  • Flexible optics and articulating tools significantly improves physician's field of view.

·         Delicate tissue handling reduces the dental trauma and tissue damage produced by conventional rigid surgical tools and reduces time spent on positioning and exposure.

·         Distal grasping mechanism stabilizes the tools to eliminate inevitable human tremor during surgery.

  • Surgical tools are usually classified as 510K for fast regulatory approval

Patent Status: Patent application pending

Development Status: The concept has been defined and protected by a patent application. Preliminary engineering sketches and drawings have been presented.


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