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EcoOcean Sponges and Marine Organisms and Micro-organisms (Ramot)
code: 12-2012-351
Micha Ilan, T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Life Sciences, Zoology
Research Interests:

1) The taxonomic level of the phylum Porifera (sponges).
2) Symbiosis between marine organisms (usually with a sponge as one of the interacting organisms, such as cyanobacteria, heterotrophic bacteria, and fungi), through algae and invertebrates (e.g., scyphozoans, barnacles, and polychaetes), to vertebrates (fish and hawksbill turtles).
3) Biomineralization - how organisms deposit various minerals, and the ecological/physiological function of these minerals.


Prof. Micha Ilan, Ph.D

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