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Compact direction finding antenna (Technion)
code: COM-1181


Antennas that find the azimuth and elevation of an arriving signal have numerous military and civilian applications: signal intelligence, surveillance systems, cellular communication and more. Usually, DOA systems use an array of antennas, collaborating to pinpoint the signal direction. Such systems are large in size and suitable for stationary implementations only. Their production and maintenance cost are expensive and often not worthwhile. Other methods of direction finding, that use small probe antennas monitoring the received field, suffer from severe signal attenuation, thus producing acceptable results for strong signals only. These methods are also not so accurate due to local field changes.



Our technology pinpoints signal direction-of-arrival using a single, small size antenna. Production and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Hardware and software implementation are simpler. Our technology is applicable to mobile applications as well as stationary ones. We use three Circular-Phase-Modes (CPMs) and interferometry to find the direction-of-arriving signal. Our device consists of a simple dipole antenna on top of a two port
bi-conical horn antenna. The three ports simultaneously produce a phase shift dependent on the azimuth and elevation of the incoming signal. Our technology is based on a novel method of interferometry between the two different types of antennas. This reduces the total hardware. A novel simple mathematical algorithm separates the azimuth and elevation data and produces the full spatial direction. The technology incorporates low loss antenna and a waveguide feed for a wideband and low loss applications. It is also suitable for narrowband applications where the antenna feed is implemented from a simple printed-board and coaxial-cables.




Single antenna Azimuth and elevation detection

  • Significant cost reduction of production and maintenance
  • Compact direction finding antenna - 3.5 times smaller compared to a previous technology
  • Feasible for mobile applications and harsh environmental conditions
  • Applicable to wideband and narrowband Application
  • No complex hardware and software required
  • Simple Integration to existing direction finding antenna systems
  • Circular array or one circular antenna with continuous aperture implementation




  • Military vehicles
  • targeting systems
  • surveillance systems
  • signal intelligence systems
  • cellular networks
  • radar,
  • GPS
  • satellite navigation
  • satellite communication
  • attitude determination system


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