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Novel Process Removes Mercury From Factory Emissions

25 February 2018
MercuRemoval’s novel process for removing toxic mercury from flue-gas streams originated in the chemistry lab of Hebrew University professors Yoel Sasson and Zach Barnea. The company was established within Hutchison-Kinrot Cleantech seed incubator owned by Hutchison Water and was supported by Israel’s Innovation Authority R&D funds. It went commercial only three years later.

The 4th Israeli Tech Transfer Conference: Disruptive or Incremental? The Technology Development Challenge for Industry and Academia.

6 February 2017
Israel's Technology Transfer Organization (ITTN) is pleased to announce its 4th professional conference, to be held on February 6th, 2017, at the David Intercontinental hotel in Tel Aviv.

15th IATI-BIOMED 2016 Conference and Exhibition

24-26 May 2016
This year, as we mark our 15th anniversary, we are excited to introduce a new format in which we will explore and aim to fuel the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of healthcare systems and life sciences. The conference will be divided into 9 tracks.
The Promise of Immuno-oncology, Neurological Disorders, Personalized Diagnostics and Precision Medicine, Listen to your Aching Heart, Health IT, Early Stage Challenges and Opportunities AND Start-up Competition, Robotics’ Role in Healthcare, The New “Kids” on the block (Microbiome, Gene Editing and Gene Therapy), From Academia Research to Industry.

Invitation to participate in The Israeli Academia Show Case Start-Up Competition during the Biomed

25 May 2016
The Israeli Academia Show Case Start-Up Competition, organized by ITTN, aims to recognize and endorse innovation that emerged from the Israeli academia and medical centers in the field of Life Sciences. It targets drug development, medical devices, diagnostic, therapeutic and e-health solutions.

Open Source Governance

20 January 2016
Pearl Cohen, in collaboration with ITTN, are pleased to invite you to the third webinar session, on Open Source Governance. The webinar will be held on January 20, 15:00-16:00 IL time and will be conducted by Senior Partner Haim Ravia, Chair of Pearl Cohen's Internet, IT and Copyright Group and Senior Associate Dotan Hammer. Our upcoming webinar will explore Open Source Governance, discussing the value of an organizational policy for compliant use of FOSS and how supplemental use of automated FOSS management and governance tools can help streamline Open Source Governance.

The Annual Israeli Tech Transfer Conference: "Fueling The Economy"

10 December 2015
We are delighted to announce the third annual conference of Israel’s Technology Transfer Organization (ITTN) to be held on December 10th, 2015 at the David Intercontinental hotel in Tel Aviv. The conference which is part of the Life Science Industry Event, is a joint effort of 15 technology transfer companies of the leading universities, hospitals and research institutes in Israel. ITTN 2015 will feature a main technology transfer track in addition to two parallel tracks focusing on hitech / engineering, pharma/biotech and agro. Building on the success of past conferences, we expect a diverse audience of over 300 participants from Blue Chip companies, VC`s, angel-investors, policy makers, technology transfer professionals, entrepreneurs and other.

Recent Changes in Patentability of Software Related Inventions

21 October 2015
Pearl Cohen, in collaboration with ITTN, are pleased to invite you to a series of webinar sessions on recent technology and legal matters. Join us on October 21 for the first webinar session on "Recent Changes in Patentability of Software Related Inventions" with Doron Sieradzki. This webinar will shed a light on the current status of what is and what is not patentable in the field of software invention, given the considerable changes the U.S Patent law has recently undergone.

Launch of the SLE-Key

5 July 2015
ImmunArray Ltd announces the Launch of the SLE-key™ Rule Out test to be run out of VERACIS the Company’s Service Laboratory beginning in March 2015, in Richmond, Virginia

ILSE 2014 - International event which includes professional exhibition & conferences, designed for the Life Science and Medial Industries

29 October 2014
LSIE 2014 will offer a platform of professional conferences and exhibition, which will showcase all the research and development stages, in the Israeli Life Sciences industry, which is world renowned for its innovation, ingenuity and creativity.

Survey of Commercialization Companies in Israel 2012-2013

26 August 2014
Reports on Inventions, Patents, License Agreements, Revenues and Startup Companies.
The survey of commercialization companies in Israel for 2012- 2013 includes those companies associated with research universities (eight companies for the eight universities), and companies associated with hospitals and research institutions. This is the third survey conducted on commercialization companies.