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Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference 2012

14 March 2012
The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy conference is among the world’s leading platforms for presenting technological innovation, business opportunities, policies and implementation in the renewable energy field. The conference brings together thousands of participants from all over Israel and abroad.
During the conference, engaging meetings take place that lead to tangible results in the field. The previous conferences have established this event as the leading Renewable Energy conference in Israel, as well as a conference of global significance.
Come and see how Israel is becoming serious about Renewable Energy!

ILSI-BioMed 2012

14 March 2012
It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in the ILSI-Biomed 2012 Conference to be held May 21-23, 2012 in Tel-Aviv.

This is the leading international conference covering the fast-growing field of innovation in the biomedical, health care and life sciences industries, where industry and academia join hands to learn about the latest and future developments, explore opportunities for new business ventures, meet up with old colleagues and make new contacts.

Nano Israel 2012

14 March 2012
Conference Nano 2012

Tel Aviv on 26-27 March, 2012.

Israel is renowned for its achievements in innovation. Join us to meet the top people on the scientific and business fronts from Israel and abroad presenting cutting-edge technologies, leading scientific achievements and unique business opportunities

CartiHeal Raises $5 Million in Financing to Support Agili-CTM For Single Stage Arthroscopic Cartilage Regeneration

5 February 2012
TEL AVIV, Israel- (BUSINESS WIRE) - CartiHeal (2009), Ltd, a privately held medical device company, focused on developing and bringing to market a proprietary, off-the-shelf, and cell-free cartilage regeneration technology, announced that it raised $5 million in venture funding from two US-Israeli venture capital firms, Accelmed and Access Medical Ventures. The financing will be used to prepare its first product launch early 2013 in Europe.

YEDA Collaborates with Adobe for New Data Visualization Technique

23 January 2012
YEDA Research and Development Company LTD., the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of
Science, today announced it has entered into a license agreement with Adobe Systems Incorporated
related to a bidirectional similarity measure to summarize visual data.

Andromeda Biotech: A Drug for Type 1 Diabetes Developed by Prof. Irun Cohen of the Weizmann Institute Meets Primary and Secondary Goals of Phase III Clinical Trials

23 November 2011
The clinical trial was random, regulated, double-blinded and broad-based. The drug was tested on 457 patients, aged 16-45, who had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a short time before joining the trial. The trial took place in around 40 medical centers in Europe, Israel and South Africa.

Watec Israel - Nov. 2011

15 November 2011
WATEC 2011 Conference - Where Innovation meets Implementation and creates partnership

One of the most significant challenges in the global environment arena today is Innovation to Implementation - "i2i". In order to overcome the "i2i" challenges we assume that we should initiate partnership that can provide: Know How in the local markets, credibility, local experience and financial leverage, and has the power to improve the situation of billions of people.

At WATEC 2011 Conference, the world key decision-makers will contribute to the debates on "i2i" challenges - and will craft the solution toward partnership between all involved.

Abbott to Fund Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science

5 July 2011
TEL AVIV, Israel, June XX, 2011 – Abbott and Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd., the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), have signed a three-year agreement in which Abbott will fund research programs at the Weizmann Institute of Science in selected health care fields.

Bio-Israel - May 2011

23 May 2011
Celebrate With Us The 10th Anniversary of The ILSI-BioMed Conference.
It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in ILSI-Biomed 2011 Conference to be held May 23-25, 2010 in Tel-Aviv.

BGU and France Telecom sign agreement to optimize Internet communications

1 May 2011
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and France Telecom (Orange Labs R&D) have agreed to collaborate on research applying "location theory" to determine the optimal placement of their Internet routers, which will enhance services like video streaming.